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Alexander Financial is a cutting-edge accounting firm offering an array of services to fit all our client's needs.


"Our Tax Hive partnership with Alexander Financial is the best thing we've done for our small business clients.
Welcome aboard."

- Kevin O'Leary

We’re on
Your Team.

Founded in 2016, Alexander Financial brings an unmatched level of customer service to the accounting world. We are a nationwide firm headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL, that embraces technology and leverages innovation to increase the productivity of our clients. Our purpose is to become an extension of your team and collaborate effortlessly to simplify your processes.

We look forward to working with you!


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Our experts take the burden out of reconciling monthly income and expenses, creating P&L statements, and monitoring balance sheets.

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Tax Prep/Tax Planning

With all the new changes to the tax law, it is more important than ever
to be proactive in your approach to tax savings, whether you file as an individual or business.

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Having troubles with the IRS? Haven’t file your taxes in years? Not sure where to start? IRS representation is our specialty. We can become the Power Of Attorney on file with the IRS and serve as a conduit between you and them.

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Remote CFO

Not quite sure what you need? We take a consultative approach with all of our clients to custom-build a solution that works for you and your team.


Our Experience

  Wow what a great accountant! I never thought I’d actually say that, but with Jake over at Alexander Financial, he deserves more accolades and recognition. He was very thorough and methodical about going over all aspects of both my business and personal returns. He helped save me from spending countless hours attempting to do it myself (and costing myself more money than necessary). Definitively worth using Alexander Financial when thinking about taxes or have a need for a great business tax strategy specialist! Again I can’t thank Jake enough!   

Brian Charles Mitchell



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