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About Us

Jake Alexander

Jake will help you minimize your tax liability by providing you with timely and intelligent insight about all your options, obligations, and assets.

After a few years of working at the fastest growing tax preparation firm in Texas, Jake decided it was time to branch-out on his own and start his own company. Now he finds fulfillment in working with a steady base of private clients to alleviate the pains associated in dealing with the IRS. Helping people maximize their tax benefits is where he finds his passion. He truly takes pride in his financial expertise, always going the extra mile to make the most of every penny, and offering an unmatched level of customer service for each and every client.

Feel free to contact Jake with any questions or concerns. There is no issue too big or too small. He looks forward to working with you and building an amazing long-term relationship!

Carol Harrop

Carol comes to Alexander Financial by way of West Sussex, England. She brings her expertise in accounting that she’s acquired during her 23 year career.  She successfully led the accounting department of an established law firm in England. From there, she started her own practice and quickly established a formidable reputation. She did all this while also pursuing her personal passion of Psychology, earning her degree in 2016.

With both her son and daughter already living on this side of the pond, Carol made the obvious move to the U.S. Through an introduction from her son, she joined our team, which has been a terrific match.  She recently welcomed her first grandson, and looks forward to watching him grow and what the future holds.

John Wilson

John heads up our Dallas, TX office where he lives with his wife, Maggie and their three kids. With over twenty years in sales, sales management and customer service, John understands how today’s consumer moves and communicates, ensuring that we meet the demands of the current technological landscape. We pride ourselves on being hip to emerging technology, allowing us to work with clients all around the country.

John’s passion for helping people is what brought him to Alexander Financial.  After years of working for a fortune 20 company, John realized that the move to the financial/tax sector seemed like the perfect fit, and it has been. Helping our customers achieve their financial goals while keeping the process simple and easy to understand is his main focus.